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In this installment of ListenOn Pirate Radio with John Perea and Rory Matthews…

Guest host Taylor Magee takes over for Perea while John’s in Europe and reps the Bay Area, its music, and its slang.

Recorded on 9/21/2014, Episode 8 turns out to be a hip hop heavy show. From hyphy to sad rap, neojazz samples to cosmic beats, Rory and Taylor explore the music of SBTRKT, Flying Lotus, Hot Sugar, Bearfaced Gang and more.

Feast your ears Listeners!

0:08 – “Starting Over”, Stan Forebee

7:42 – “Ill (feat. Hen Sippa)”, HD of Bearfaced Gang

15:52 – “Let U Know”, REdefinition

22:20 – “Suicide Watch”, Little Pain

27:28 – “Higher (feat. Raury)”, SBTRKT

35:33 – “The forest nymph who lives behind the school”, Hot Sugar

42:19 – “Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)”, Flying Lotus

50:04 – “Baby Blue”, King Krule

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In this installment of ListenOn Pirate Radio with John Perea and Rory Matthews…

The role of John Perea is played by Alex Fink.

Our heroes get very technical in their examination of some early 20th century “New Music” by Harry Partch. Seriously.

They visit the long, long ago time through some fuzzy Australian rock bass lines.

Rory gets his dub (reggae not step) on.

Recorded on 8/22/2014, Episode 7 features guest host Alex Fink, who brings selected works from his favorite composer of late; Harry Partch. Get ready for some really cool, really different (oh so different) music that was…composed by hobos?

But if venturing so far off from the sunny shores of contemporary music is too intimidating, have no fear Listeners! Rory takes you up and lays it down with his usual picks for the week from reggae to indie rock.

Feast your ears Listeners!

0:00 – “Two Fingers Telling You No”, Royston Vaise Milk-records-2 – Two-fingers-telling-you-no

6:14 – “Money Man”, the 2 bears www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7-4Z7vAa-s

15:10 – “Daphne of the Dunes”, Harry Partch www.youtube.com/watch?v=wa5ok_Ju_MY

21:14 – “Barstow”, Harry Partch www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFhtP-OrsWo

23:10 – “Milk of Amnesia”, Reighnbeau www.youtube.com/watch?v=YCyzwcCFDDE

38:30 – “Onwards”, Daedelus Brainfeeder – Daedelus-onward

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With Hot Sugars newest double album release, Seductive Nightmares, the production game has had its bar raised.  The tracks are seamless, eerie, haunting, and beautiful.  Everything he recorded was sampled from real noises, a style of production he has, in a sense finally perfected. All of his albums can be found on his bandcamp here. I encourage that you watch all his youtube videos, as they’re all entertaining, but one stands out above others.

His newest single is called “Your Nails Look so Pretty”.  Take a moment and soak into some really interesting production and visuals to accompany it.

In this installment of ListenOn Pirate Radio with John Perea and Rory Matthews…

Our heroes debate the value of removing social media from music in today’s environment. They follow by promoting their own music blog (listenon.org).

Recorded on 8/4/2014, Episode 6 brings another wave of Future Funk to get down to – including more by French Kiwi Juice and gem born in bred in U.K. night clubs. Rory brings in double doses of hip hop and alternative indie brilliance.

Feast your ears Listeners!

0:00 – “Learn to Fly feat. Jordan Rakei”, FKJ Fkj-2 – Fkj-learn-to-fly-feat-jordan-rakei

7:36 – “Progress”, Francisco the Man soundcloud.com/smallplatesrecs/francisco-the-man-progress/

14:14 – “Efftup”, loftnet Antennaoffic – Efftup

20:28 – “Whose Planet? Our Planet” by Sifu Hotman sifuhotman.bandcamp.com/track/whose-p…-our-planet-2

26:28 – “Hot Love”, We are Shining Weareshining – Hot-love

31:47 – “Om”, NehruvianDOOM Bishopnehru – Nehruviandoom-om

37:51 – “The Other Side”, Mura Masa Jakarta-records – Mura-masa-miss-you-taken-from-summer-in-jakarta

45:08 – “Sleeps Well on Knives”, Eyelid Kid Eyelid-kid – Sleeps-well-on-knives

In this installment of ListenOn Pirate Radio with John Perea and Rory Matthews…

Our heroes discuss the newest post-dubstep trend, only to confuse it with a Curtis Mayfield song.

John’s deepest, darkest fantasies are shared over lush and luxuries beats.

It is revealed just how painfully white Rory really is.

Recorded on 7/21/2014, Episode 5 heralds John Perea’s triumphant return to the podcast with a handful of “Future Funk” tracks set to melt your brain and get up with the get down – including a new track by the Weeknd and a single from the newest EP by French Kiwi Juice. In return, Rory throws down an eclectic mix of tracks including indie-folk (French for Rabbits), contemporary pop-soul from the U.K. (Slow Club), and raging jazz-funk from Miami (ArtOfficial).

Feast your ears Listeners!

0:00 – “Redwood”, Waterstrider Waterstridermusic – Redwood-1

7:00 – “Left Hand Free”, Alt-J itunes.apple.com/us/album/this-is…3?ign-mpt=uo%3D4

11:59 – “Laser Show”, ArtOfficial www.artofficialmusic.net/new-video-laser-show/

17:41 – “Days with You” by Snakehips, Pomo Remix Snakehips-1 – Days-with-you-pomo-remix

23:10 – “After the Dance Feat. Q-Tip, Theophilus London, and Alison Carney”, Tittsworth Tittsworth – After-the-dance-tittsworth-feat-q-tip-theophilus-london-alison-carney

30:01 – “Waiting”, FKJ Fkj-2 – 01-waiting-feat-madelyn-grant-from-take-off-ep-out-on-the-21st-of-july-on-roche-musique

26:45 – “The Other Side”, French For Rabbits Lefse-records – The-other-side

44:08 – “King of the Fall”, the Weeknd Theweekndxo – The-weeknd-king-of-the-fall

52:02 – “Suffering You, Suffering Me”, Slow Club Slowclub – Suffering-you-suffering-me-mp3

58:20 – “We Dem Boyz” by Wiz Khalifa, Louis Futon Remix Louisfuton – We-dem-boyz-remix

Episode 4 of ListenOn Pirate Radio, hosted by Rory Matthews and Jazmin Aguilera. Recorded on 7/12/14.

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KING – “Mr Chameleon” itunes.apple.com/us/album/mister-…ngle/id892436307

Vic Mensa – “Down On My Luck” itunes.apple.com/us/artist/vic-me…3?ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Foxtails Brigade – “The Unloved” foxtailsbrigade.bandcamp.com/track/the-unloved-2

King Tuff – “Eyes 0f The Muse” Subpop – King-tuff-eyes-of-the-muse

Freak Fandango Orchestra – “Balkan Beats” freemusicarchive.org/music/The_Frea…/Balkans_Beats

Vienna Ditto – ” Feeling Good” viennaditto.bandcamp.com/track/feeling-good

Pat Messy – “Skeleton Key (word burgers)” patmessy.bandcamp.com/track/skeleton…y-word-burgers

PHOX – “Noble Heart” itunes.apple.com/us/album/phox/id850192097

Episode 3 of ListenOn Pirate Radio, hosted by Rory Matthews and John Perea.

Misun – “Eli Eli” Kitsune-maison – Misun-eli-eli

God Knows + mynameisjOhn – “Maroto” godknows-mynameisjohn.bandcamp.com/track/maroto

Black Milk – “What it’s worth” blackmilk.bandcamp.com/album/what-its-worth

TV Girl – “Birds Don’t Sing” tvgirl.bandcamp.com/track/birds-dont-sing

A.K. Paul Vs Nao – “So Good” prettymuchamazing.com/music/check-ou…k-paul-so-good

Neon Deon – “Mountains” neondeon1.bandcamp.com/track/mountains

Jack White – “Lazaretto” www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI-95cTMeLM

Pharoahe Monch – “Broken Again” pharoahemonch.bandcamp.com/releases

Calvin Harris – “Summer (Diplo/Grandtheft remix)” hypetrak.com/2014/06/calvin-har…-grandtheft-remix/


Recorded on 6/23/14.

Episode 2 of ListenOn Pirate Radio, hosted by Rory Matthews and John Perea. Recorded 6/8/14.

“The Emancipation of Charlie Swainson” – Papa Chango music.papachango.com.au/track/the-ema…rlie-swainson

“Bastille-Bad Blood Remix” – Lido Lidogotsongs – Bastille-bad-blood-lido-remix-1

“Planet Suave” – Supervillains RMC supervillainsrmc.bandcamp.com/track/planet-suave-2

“Temporary View feat. Sampha” – SBTRKT Sbtrkt – Sbtrkt-temporary-view-ft-sampha

“Wind Let Loose” – Small Wonder smallwonder.bandcamp.com/track/wind-let-loose

“Volcano Tornado” – Pool Party VIDEO: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLa5hSfRWss

“I Got the Moves” – Habibi Burgerrecords – Habibi-i-got-the-moves

“Decisions feat Emily King” – Taylor McFerrin Brainfeeder – Taylor-mcferrin-decisions-feat

“Game Over” – Mr. Metronomo Mr-metronomo – Game-over

Feast your ears on the first installment of ListenOn Pirate Radio – an eclectic mix of soul, dance, experimental jazz(?), hip hop, and who really knows what to call some of this stuff anyway…

“Skat” – The Wayo thewayo.com/

“Freekin U (Hedspin & Four Color Zack Remix)” – Jodeci Fourcolorzack – Freekin-u-hedspin-n-fcz-remix

“Eyes Closed” – BADBADNOTGOOD itunes.apple.com/us/album/iii/id849488147

“Weight of Love” – The Black Keys itunes.apple.com/us/album/turn-blue/id841098321

“Real Thing” – Tune-Yards itunes.apple.com/us/album/nikki-nack/id838008963

“The Return” – Blu itunes.apple.com/us/album/id861268666

“Travis” – Incredible Polo incrediblepolo.bandcamp.com/track/travis


Recorded 5/18/14 with J. Perea and R. Matthews

Its been a while since I’ve posted on ListenOn and there’s a few artists I’d like to talk about that I’ve been slowly milling over in my head over the last few months, so I’d like to do this in installments rather than all at once.  Here’s part 1, my follow up on Robb Bank$ and a review of his latest album “Tha City”.


Even though it’s late to report on (the album came out October of last year), Robb Bank$ new album “Tha City” is possibly one of the most ambitious undertakings of any rapper currently on the scene.  “Tha City” is highly ambitious, most of the mix’s intricacies are lost to the blind ears of many listeners who have not developed the pallet for southern floridian slang. Robb’s music deals in clever puns and on-point insights for children of the 90s.  When you dig deeper you see that both the music and rapping are highly influenced by Broward county Florida, more specifically the drug culture cultivated by Florida’s infamous “pill mills”.  Those unfamiliar with the state of Florida’s drug culture should be aware that up until last year Florida was the largest state without a central computerized pharmaceutical system, allowing crooked doctors to prescribe hundreds of patients with ridiculous amounts of narcotics for cash.  Think of it almost like the medical marijuana clinics in cali, but you could just walk into a doctors office and walk away with possibly hundreds of high grade pain killers like Oxycodone and Roxycodone, in addition to prescribing untold amounts of lean and Xanax.  Robb and all of his group reference these things frequently in their raps and it’s hard to ignore the fact that it may be a direct result of living in the epicenter of the prescription drug capitol of America.

A few tracks really stand out to me, one of which being “That Sound (Atlanta)”.  I consistently come back to this track when I want to hear a solid banger.  Bank$ throws out some of the best one liners in this track, and manages to hide in as many of his signature anime based lines as his fans should expect.  The video for the song recently went up on Vevo, I highly recommend a listen if you haven’t already.


Another stand out banger is “On Me (Batonrouge)” which also scored a video on Vevo.

Bank$ seems to be on the possible edge of really making himself into something and this mix really shows of how much versatility Robb can really create.  Once again I’m looking forward to seeing Bank$ progression and keeping an eye on fellow emerging Savage Stunna member Pouya.
Until next time, Keep Listening
- Taylor.